A Targeted Approach

Digital pathology enables pathologists to engage, evaluate, and collaborate rapidly and remotely, with transparency and consistency, thus improving efficiency and productivity.

The progress of Whole-Slide Imaging technology, along with advances in software applications, Laboratory Information Management System interfacing, and high-speed networking for multisite remote interpretation and image-data share, made it possible to fully integrate digital pathology into pathology workflows.

More recently, the needs for objective, accurate tumor markers quantification appeared necessary, as recommended by the American College of Pathology  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30645156 and should be requested in the lab’s workflow, in the next 2 years.

IMSTAR’s protected technology represents a significant leap in Computer Augmented-Intelligence NGI systems and specialized biomodelling to generate robust algorithms for the automated detection of cells and the quantitative markers characterization in pathology samples, liquid-based cytology and blood tests.

It provides accurate data facilitating the expert’s read-out while increasing the workflow throughput for:

  • Assistance to tumor cells’ detection, counting, classification for precision medicine.

  • Accurate DNA damage/repair capacity human lymphocytes for biomonitoring of population at risk, due to cancer, ageing, environmental.

Our applications

Pathfinder™ Reader-Analyzer easy integration in a laboratory



Improved when compared to visual scoring / interpretation



One single system applies to numerous cellular test



Automated workflow provides a robust and cost-effective answer to many routine tests

Technology excellence

“Since 2010, IMSTAR continuously developed its patented next generation of Pathfinder™ NGI Cell Reader-Analyzer, offering a range of applied software modules and a new approach to assess tumour markers’ profile of cancer patients with high precision, at low cost.
Currently, a record number of Pathfinder™ products per market segment: Total 1,000+ software licenses and over 250 equipment platforms installed worldwide (including China).
Obviously, the need for better accuracy, interpretation objectivity, higher throughput, and the affordability to all pathology and biology laboratories, health industry, clinical research, Cancer institute and universities, is the most important driver. Thus, it is now the momentum for IMSTAR to partner with key players in this fast-expanding market.”

Françoise Soussaline, President & CSO

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