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A Targeted Approach

IMSTAR developed the unique Pathfinder™ technology allowing optimized multimodal scanning, cell detection & analysis, to assist researchers, biologist & pathologist experts. The automated biomarkers multiplex characterization provides accurate quantitative results facilitating the expert’s read-out while increasing the workflow throughput for:

  • Precision medicine in Oncology by assistance to early diagnostic, prognosis and treatment management.

  • Identification / recognition by characterization of tumor cells and/or lymphocytes for classification and counting for patient post-therapy follow-up.

  • Preventive medicine and Biomonitoring of health status of population at risk (pathologies, aging, environmental…).

Our applications

Pathfinder™ Reader-Analyzer integration in a laboratory



Improved when compared to visual scoring / interpretation



One single system applies to numerous cellular test



Automated workflow provides a robust and cost-effective answer to many routine tests

Technology excellence

“Since 2000, IMSTAR continuously developed the next generation of analytical systems for cell characterization and detection. Over 1000 Pathfinder™ systems are installed worldwide. It is now the right time for IMSTAR to partner with key players in this fast expanding market.”

Françoise Soussaline, President & CSO

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