A Targeted Approach

IMSTAR’s patent protected technology, the culmination of 20 years of R&D, represents a significant leap in the assistance to cancer diagnostics and monitoring arena. Its Computer Augmented-Deductive-Intelligence NGI platform combines Human-Augmented-Intelligence (HAI) and specialized AI to generate robust software algorithms for the automated detection and quantification of tumor markers in blood tests, liquid cytology and pathology tissue samples

The quantitative markers’ characterization provides accurate results facilitating the expert’s read-out while increasing the workflow throughput for:

  • Precision medicine by assistance to early diagnostic, prognosis and treatment management.

  • Identification and recognition by characterization for classification and counting of tumor cells or damaged lymphocytes, for patient follow-up.

  • Biomonitoring of health status of population at risk (pathologies, ageing, environmental…).

Our applications

Pathfinder™ Reader-Analyzer easy integration in a laboratory



Improved when compared to visual scoring / interpretation



One single system applies to numerous cellular test



Automated workflow provides a robust and cost-effective answer to many routine tests

Technology excellence

“Since 2000, IMSTAR continuously developed the next generation of analytical systems for accurate cell characterization and detection. Over 1,200 Pathfinder™ systems and Software solutions are installed worldwide. It is now the right time for IMSTAR to partner with key players in this fast- expanding market.”

Françoise Soussaline, President & CSO

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