IMSTAR recently installed the PathFinder™ Cellscan MN platform for automated micronucleus assay scoring at the Centre of Toxicology, School of Pharmacy at University of London. Professor Andreas Kortenkamp is Head of Centre.

The research at the centre for Toxicology is focused on three areas: the combination effects of mixtures of environmental pollutants with endocrine-disrupting properties; anti-tumour agents and novel drug carrier systems; and organ toxicity. There is a current focus on endocrine active chemicals in the environment and particularly the effects of multi-component mixtures. The joint effect of mixtures is also being studied in relation to the optimisation of anti-cancer combination therapy. Research is also being undertaken to assess the adverse effects of drugs and chemicals on organs including the heart, kidney, liver, musculo-skeletal system and lymphoid organs.

The Pathfinder™ Cellscan MN automated System will be used, essentially, in the last research area. For more information see