From the 16th to the 20th of September 2012, Dr Françoise SOUSSALINE, President& CEO, will be presenting and discussing the poster n°51 during September 17th poster session, entitled: “Automated image analysis of the micronucleus cytome assay for high throughput human biomonitoring and in vitro genotoxicity studies: IMSTAR system”.
F. Soussaline, I. Decordier, A. Papine, E. Tatarinova, J.Dumont, E. Lorge, M. Kirsch-Volder

This methodology was successfully applied to large-scale study of multicentre cohorts within NewGeneris project (Newborns and Genotoxic exposure risks: Development and application of biomarkers of dietary exposure to genotoxic and immunotoxic chemicals and of biomarkers of early effects, using mother-child birth cohorts and biobanks”, Contract N°FOOD-CT-2005-016320 FP6 Call Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area, Integrated Project, period 01/02/06 to 31/07/11).