Paris (France), November 4 th, 2013 – IMSTAR is pleased to announce that it is one of the sponsors of the Lymphocyte micronucleus and buccal micronucleus cytome assays for Human and Environmental Monitoring, HUMN and HUMNxl Workshop that will take place at the Universidade Luterana do Brasil in Porto Alegre (Brazil) from November 11th to 14th, 2013.

Dr. Francoise Soussaline, IMSTAR’s CEO, will present a scientific communication on automation of micronucleus scoring.

“We are pleased to be a sponsor of this international workshop”, said Francoise Soussaline, President & CEO of IMSTAR, “We are also looking forward to presenting our latest research on the automation of micronucleus tests during the demonstration of how we have integrated the results of our research in our Pathfinder(TM) automated image analysis systems.”
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IMSTAR (Paris, France) is a high-technology company offering complete solutions for fully automated high-throughput capture and analysis of cytology and tissue section assays in the fields of genetic toxicity & environmental toxicity for compound screening and bio-monitoring, cytopathology & cytogenetic and multiplex marker analysis in drug discovery. IMSTAR’s team includes world experts in various scientific fields: automated systems, biophysics, physics, applied mathematics, cellular biology and cytopathology.
IMSTAR founded by Dr. Françoise Soussaline, President & CEO, world expert in Biophysics applied to in vivo & in vitro imaging. In 2000, IMSTAR launched the first automated, quantitative and cost effective Image Cytometer system (ICS) based on its proprietary patented Technology.
Over 1000 Pathfinder™ systems have been installed in the world to date, including Europe, North America and Asia.