Paris (France), December 2nd, 2013 – IMSTAR is pleased to announce it has been invited to present at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention to be held in Seoul, Korea, on December 13th and 14th.
This conference features the latest results in multi-disciplinary clinical and basic research in the areas of carcinogenesis, epidemiology, nutrition, chemoprevention, and other initiatives that, ultimately lead to cancer prevention. It focuses on the most reliable strategies for cancer prevention and brings together researchers, scientists and practitioners from all over the world to present cutting-edge studies ranging from basic to population-based and clinical research on cancer prevention as well as carcinogenesis
IMSTAR has been invited to make a presentation entitled “Image Cytometry System for automated in vitro cellular assays in genetic toxicology and tumor marker tests in cytopathology: The Pathfinder technology”. This communication will be given by Dr. Michel Soussaline, IMSTAR’s co-founder, to present the Pathfinder technology principles, current capacities and advantages with respect to cancer screening for early primary detection, follow-up, prognosis marker and biomonitoring of population at risk of environmental DNA damage.
“It is an honor to have been invited to present at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention”, said Michel Soussaline, IMSTAR’s VP Medical Applications Business Development. “For years, we have developed advanced tools for cancer applied research that has been embedded in all of our products”.
More information about the conference program can be found at: