Collaboration led to significant advances in ‘in-vitro’ cellular imaging

Paris (France), February 18th, 2014 – IMSTAR is pleased to celebrate 10 years of scientific and business collaboration with L’Oréal, the world’s leader in cosmetics and beauty. IMSTAR has provided L’Oréal with a system for automated genetic toxicology tests as well as advanced services for cosmetology and dermatology studies.

Ten years ago, L’Oréal selected IMSTAR as a service provider for its long –standing, recognized expertise in cells and tissue characterization based on the Pathfinder™ technology, applied to quantification on biological samples such as skin histology studies. As the collaboration strengthened, IMSTAR became a research partner, leading to joint scientific communications.

For IMSTAR, the link with a large group like L’Oréal is extremely meaningful.” said Dr Michel Soussaline, IMSTAR’s Vice president Medical Applications. “We have been at the forefront of the development of automation and quantification; and we pride ourselves in being an integral part of L’Oréal’s development of highly innovative products”.


IMSTAR (Paris, France) is a high-technology company offering complete solutions for fully automated high-throughput cellular assays analysis in the fields of genetic toxicity & environmental toxicity for compound screening and bio-monitoring, clinical cytopathology & cytogenetic and drug discovery. IMSTAR’s team includes world experts in various scientific fields: automated systems, biophysics, physics, applied mathematics, cellular biology and cytopathology.

IMSTAR was founded in 1985 by Dr. Françoise Soussaline, President and CEO, as a spin-off of the Biology Department of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). In 1997, IMSTAR launched the first automated, quantitative and cost effective Image Cytometer based on its proprietary Pathfinder™ Technology.

Over 1000 Pathfinder™ systems have been installed in the world to date, including Europe, North America and Asia.

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