Pathfinder™ Comet MLA and Micronucleus MLA products include the HIGH-END CAPABILITIES of our Pathfinder ™ ScreenTox platform along with all the necessary instruments and software, offered as very AFFORDABLE PACKAGES.
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At IMSTAR, for many years, we have been at the forefront of the development of the Comet assay and the Micronucleus test used in research and routine toxicology studies, in providing automation of scoring for more reliable, faster detection and improved accuracy.
We have now packaged our AUTOMATED DATA CAPTURE software, with our SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN analysis protocols with EFFECTIVE AND AFFORDABLE hardware. Whether you are in the academic research or industrial world, these products represent a breakthrough introduction in terms of capabilities and price.
Furthermore, IMSTAR will offer LEASING and RENTAL plans for these two products. And an upgrade path for Pathfinder™ ScreenTox will also be offered.

Pathfinder technology provides combined innovation and reliability