IMSTAR is partner in the European ITEA2 Innovation project MEDUSA: Medical Distributed Utilization of Services & Applications (period 15/12/2012 to 31/12/2015), that groups 14 industrial partners, technology companies and hospitals in France and the Netherlands.

Within this project, IMSTAR developed an innovative concept, based on its proprietary Pathfinder™ platform to enable Virtualised imaging environment and service-based hosted solution for in vitro early diagnosis and treatment in oncology.

The design of a truly successful solution requires that specialized legacy applications and their associated data can be access from the newly developed cloud environment, giving the same level of collaboration and accessibility from anywhere as all the new innovative applications. MEDUSA solutions, concepts, tools and architectures are developed from that vision. The expected results can immediately be applied to the cloud based medical application products of the future and thus give Europe a strategic advantage in this world-wide new field.

MEDUSA aims to provide a new service concept by introducing:

1. Advanced imaging as a service, by which MEDUSA

  • Ensures the efficient exchange of medical information while satisfying the high levels of safety, security and privacy required for such a secure environment;
  • Supports and encourages the appropriate use of both remote and local advanced medical image processing in real-time, such that the medical professional obtains the required level of detail of information;
  • Supports transparency with respect to geographical location, both fixed and mobile.

2. Secure virtual workspaces as a service, by which MEDUSA

  • Supports a collaborative workspace in a professional medical situation, where knowledge, capabilities and patient data are brought together and made available for clinical processing, respecting medical regulations and clinical procedures and protocols. This is an area where traceability, latency and interoperability are crucial issues;

3. Medical diagnosis support as a service, by which MEDUSA:

  • Enables physicians to virtually group around a patient for diagnosis and treatment decision making;

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