Company Presentation

IMSTAR is a privately owned high-technology company based in Paris, France. At the top of their field, the IMSTAR experts design, manufacture and market automated digital imaging systems in cytopathology & cytogenetics, genetoxicity for drug safety & environmental biomonitoring , Life Sciences research and drug discovery.

The members of the team include key professionals, highly experienced in the different scientific fields: automated systems, biophysics, physics, applied mathematics, molecular genetics, neurosciences and cytology histology.

In 1985, IMSTAR was founded by Dr Françoise Soussaline, currently President, CEO & CSO, as a spin-off from the Biology Department of the French Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, CEA).

In 1997, IMSTAR launched the first automated, highly innovative and cost effective Image Cytometer based on Pathfinder™ Technology, associated with a number of Applied Analysis Software modules to facilitate and accelerate research.

Over the past 20 years, IMSTAR has aquired numerous patents and copyrights.

Over 1000 Pathfinder™ systems have been installed in the world to date, including Europe, North America and Asia.

A global mind

Today, IMSTAR’s clients include blue chip pharmaceutical industry names as well as leading laboratories in research and cytopathology fields.

As a forward-thinking company operating in an increasingly open global market, IMSTAR strives to reflect this modern environment in the way we do business. For us, this does not just mean lofty ideals but instead is a kind of energy which we try to inject into every area of activity, every day.

Our multinational team welcomes our clients in French, Russian, Arabic, German and English. We value our diversity and believe it helps us to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Today the company is involved in several scientific and industrial networks and consortia. View our current projects.

Intellectual property

Today, IMSTAR holds 11 patents,  118 copyrights and exclusive licenses, as well as proprietary opto electronic and robotic devices, which allows it to offer unique automated solutions based on operator-independent tests in the fields of automated quantitative imaging for cellular analysis and screening in the entire application spectrum in Life Sciences and in vitro diagnostics.

These tests include:

  • High content, high throughput screening  for Toxicology and Drug Discovery (compounds, cells & tissue screening).
  • Detection of tumor cells in micro biopsies.
  • Down’s syndrome identification (Trisomy 21).
  • DNA microarrays for assay development (quantitation & kinetics) and diagnostics.
  • Cell-on-chip assays for multiplex phenotype, siRNA (primary and secondary) screening at sub-cellular level.