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Latest client testimonial

(…) My recommendation would be to choose a company with great after sales support. This is critical for a lab because no matter how great the software (most of them are) you will be in need of support and upgrades and … money really. I have used IKAROS and ISIS by Metasystems in the past which work great but every upgrade is really expensive and the after sales support was really mediocre, at least in Greece.
Now in France, I use the automated Pathfinder system from IMSTAR S.A. and I am really satisfied by the functionality, simplicity and flexibility of the software. However, on top of everything is the amazing after sales support and service. The people actually adapt the software to your individual and specific needs. Whatever you might think of asking to be added or modified on the software level to make your life easier or more efficient, it is possible. I have never worked on such an open and adaptable system before.
Finally, to sum up, support+support+support (!) is the key parameter for me.
Vasileios N. G., Cytogeneticist, PhD, Clean Cells