IMSTAR is proud to be part of an established network of international partnerships.

The company is involved in several French and European programmes for automated cytotoxicity and genotoxicity testing, genetic diseases and cancer research and diagnostics, chromosomes gene mapping and functional genomics for drug discovery, such as the GenHomme network and European commission-funded projects.



The COMICS project (Comet assay and cell array for fast and efficient genotoxicity testing) is a Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project (STREP) in the EC 6th Framework Call, Priority 1 Life Sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for Health.
The project directly addresses the objective in the call for development of alternatives that will replace the need for animal experiments, as a response to Directive 86/609/EEC.
The innovative high throughput methods to be developed will provide reliable in vitro assays combined with cellular analysis using the IMSTAR’ Pathfinder™ technology, for use in screening chemicals for potential genotoxic and cytotoxic effects, in connection with the new EC policy on the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH).
The methods will be subjected to rigorous testing in order to meet international validation standards and to be accepted by industrial, and academic users as well as regulatory authorities.


NewGeneris is an Integrated Project conducted in the EC 6th Framework Programme, Priority Food Quality and Safety.
Its objective is to investigate the role of prenatal and early-life exposure to genotoxic chemicals present in food and the environment in the development of childhood cancer and immune disorders.
IMSTAR is NewGeneris partner for realization and validation of fully automated detection micronuclei for biomonitoring.For more information, see

TOXDROP: Strengthening the EU Research Area

Highly parallel cell culture in nanodrops: a new format for cellular analysis-based toxicity screening on Cell on Chips.
As part of the “Life Sciences, Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area” program IMSTAR has been a partner in the STREP project TOXDROP since its start in February 2005.
The objective of the TOXDROP STREP project is to develop a pioneer Cell on Chip technology where cytotoxicity can be characterized using cells phenotyping in highly parallel cell-based reactions on a single chip. The biochip substrate allows the necessary precision to carry out the Pathfinder™ cellular analyses of cell cultures in nano-drops based on fluorescent detection for phenotypic signatures, as well as mass spectrometry.
The TOXDROP validation, planned through discussions with EC/JRC/IHCP/ECVAM will be performed through tests in cellular nano-drops by academic laboratories in pharmacological and chemical toxicological studies for use by the industry for cell based in vitro toxicological studies.For more information see

SAFE: A European Network of Excellence

Special Non-invasive Advances in Fetal and Neonatal Evaluation Network.

As partner and member of the Spreading of Excellence Board, Dr Françoise Soussaline has been involved in the project since its inception in 2004. SAFE was established under the European Commission 6th Framework Programme to implement routine non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and cost effective neonatal screening through the long-term partnerships.

For more information see

MEDICEN Paris Region Biocluster

IMSTAR is member of the board of the Medicen Paris Region Competitivity Biocluster which includes the * Molecular and Cellular Medicine Network*.
As active SME partner of this network, IMSTAR is project leader of BIOTYPE, a consortium of 6 SMEs, Sanofi-Aventis, CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), AP-HP (Paris Hospitals network) Institut Pasteur, Ecole des Mines Paris, partially funded by the French Ministry of Industry and Paris Region.For more information see



As a French government-funded technological research organisation, the Atomic Energy Commission Division of Life Sciences (CEA/DSV) is a prominent player in the European Research Area.


Highly innovative Start-up, developing and proposing services in stress gene and low-dose toxicology applied research.
All cellular in-vitro tests will be based on Pathfinder IMSTAR technology.

University of California

Partnership for evaluation of new fluorescent dyes and probes:David A. Eastmond, Professor of Cell Biology & Toxicology


Software for Human Health and Biology Research


TRANSAT is a partner of choice for tailored cellular models and gene expression studies in functional genomics. It offers a broad expertise for service activities in transfection of various cell types and gene expression manipulations.
TRANSAT’s modified cells are ready to be characterized and screened by IMSTAR’s cellular analysis platforms, making this partnership the best integrated choice.

Generic Vision GV

Adaptation and validation with CMDM monolayer GV technology for fast automated detection of patient at risk of high grade cervix cancer. Dr. Jean Claude Hammou, Nice, France,Cytopathologist, Expert in quantitative Pathology imaging is IMSTAR consultant for this development.