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IMSTAR a visionary company

  • A high-tech company, IMSTAR is based in Paris France. Spin-off of the Atomic Energy Commission’ Life Sciences Division, and managed by experts, the Company is 100% privately owned.

  • Pioneer in the field of accurate & quantitative characterization by high-content cell analysis for research in Life Sciences and Clinical use by assisted image Diagnostic, we invested over 30% of revenues in R&D during the last 20 years.

  • First Image Cytometer available on the market was launched in 2004. Today, the 3rd generation of Pathfinder™ fully automated Reader Analyzer provides numerous unique advantages.

  • World-wide market: ~1200+ Software solutions for automated digital Cytology-Pathology, Biomarkers’ tests, Molecular Cytogenetic, and Genetic Toxicology. Over 50% installed in Asia.

  • Based on our proprietary Pathfinder cell imaging platform, we develop leading edge software solutions, using innovative concepts to increase large scale scoring cyto pathology, for IVD accuracy and cost effectiveness and facilitate translational medicine & innovative therapeutic approaches such as Stem Cell therapy.

  • Continuous innovation for cellular biomarkers quantitative assessment, to allow preclinical cell tumor markers to be used in routine for precision medicine.

  • Pathfinder™ products are compliant with GLP, OECD TG 487 guidelines and CFDA (pending).

Management & Team

Françoise Soussaline
President, CSO

Françoise, one of the world’s experts in “in vivo & in vitro” imaging, trained in Paris and in US cancer institutes (MD Anderson & Sloan Kettering)…

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Michel Soussaline
Executive Vice-President

MD trained in Paris and USA as General and Plastic surgeon, Michel is a pioneer in breast cancer reconstructive surgery…

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Alexandre PAPINE
R&D Director

Trained at the prestigious Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Alexandre is MS in biophysics…

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Khadija Mouazi
Management & Operations Assistant

Multidisciplinary trained, Khadija holds a Master degree in Biology and a in Business Management

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Charles Homsy
Customers’ Support & Training, Chief Engineer

Holding a PhD in Histology Cytology, from Paris Sciences University, Charles joined IMSTAR in 1991…

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Alexandre Filippov
Chief IT System Engineer Robotics

Trained at the Novosibirsk State University, Alexander holds an extensive experience…

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Ekaterina Tatarinova
Senior Engineer in Applied Mathematics

With a solid background in plasma physics, PhD and post-doc in Moscow Institute of Atomic Energy, Ekaterina…

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Founder / Business angels / Advisors / Scientific Management

Advisory board of Experts in Cell & Molecular Biology, Oncology, Cytopathology, Cytogenetics, Toxicology, Cell culture.


French Atomic Energy Commission Division of Life Sciences, a prominent player in the European Research Area. Cooperation on multiplex functional genomics screening applied to oncology.

School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Bradford, UK. Cooperation on specific Comet assay for Biomedical Sciences studies of human biology in both normal and disease states.

ScreenCell® offers a simple, non-invasive technology for isolating Circulating Tumor Cells from whole blood, or atypical cell in biological fluids. Cooperation in combining innovative technologies from both companies.

Beijing Health & Biotech Group, a Chinese high-tech company is one of world quality Cord blood hematopoietic stem cell banks. Cooperation in Cell biomarkers characterization using Pathfinder’s automation tools.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization’s Genome Health and Personalized Nutrition Laboratory. Cooperation in automated Cytome assays for genetic toxicology.

Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute, Division of Toxicology & Risk Assessment. Cooperation in automated High Throughput Comet assay analysis for nutrition genetic toxicology.

Laboratory of Cell Genetics, Faculty of Sciences and Bio-engineering Sciences, Free University of Brussels (VUB). Cooperation in Large scale Biomonitoring studies by automated image analysis of CBMN protocol. Standardized Operation Procedure compliant with OECD guidelines.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), Department of Chemicals and Radiation. Cooperation in Automated Novel techniques for Comet assay screening.

French Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM).

The National Centre for Scientific Research Life Sciences Division.

Collaboration R&D

IMSTAR was active partner in 8 European Commission (EC) collaborative R&D, ITEA2 programs, and French consortia

European Commission

Eureka ITEA2

French-Norwegian Foundation

French Ministry of Research

Intellectual property

9 patents (US, EU)

140 copyrights

14 trademarks

Unique automated solutions based on operator-independent tests for cellular analysis and screening in the entire applications’ spectrum from Life Sciences/Clinical research to in vitro/ex vivo assays.

Some IMSTAR Customers

IMSTAR is present worldwide, through over 1000 installed systems, including blue chips customers.