Corporate strengths

  • Over 20 years of continuous research and development, cumulating ~150 year-man of digital Cell Imaging and Analysis know-how by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team. Important Track-record of innovations.

  • Strong corporate culture, fast & flexible multidisciplinary team, with expertise in Physics, image modeling & processing algorithms, IT-robotics, cell biology, Histology & Cytology-Pathology.

  • Strategy of continuous development in the technology’s applications. Extensive library of software modules, to perform automated tests that cover a spectrum of biomarkers’ identification and validation.

  • Linked with 100+ Academic Institutions, and International networks in open bio-medical innovation in Oncology, involving industries, SMEs and cutting-edge research and clinical labs.

  • Collaborative R&D consortia within 7 EU Frame Programs, 15 international partnerships. 200+ scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Pathfinder™ technology advantages

A mature technology, integrating selected hardware components, advanced software algorithms, a smart interface letting full control to the user, and an image-database’ server, in a proprietary Reader-Analyzer providing comprehensive Solutions thanks to Modeling of expert interpretation, Complex algorithms software modules, and Customized Software Protocols.

  • Complete Automation: Whole sample’s digital capture and multiplex cell analysis, while user’s intervention is only one click away.
  • Integrated system architecture: Several applied software modules on same core engine. Access to multi-sites’ cross studies.
  • Applications versatility: Thanks to scanning versatility and algorithms Library.
  • Performance: Accuracy, Sensitivity and Specificity, as good as or better than the human’s eyes.
  • Gain of time: 5 to 20-folds, depending on the application.
  • KOL’s validated: Applied software modules benefit from testing by leading Biology or Medical labs.
  • User satisfaction: Continuous customers’ support with reactivity, adaptability and customization..
  • Rights management: Includes audit trial & support of write-only file system.
  • Regular upgrades: Taking advantages from a diverse global customers’ base.
  • Compliant with regulated environments: Standard Database server compatible with 3rd party applications & add-ons. International GLP, SOPs and guidelines.
  • Addressing different markets: One technology for assisted in vitro/ex vivo tests quantification, Health Technologies, Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics and Nutrition Industries.
  • Information-dependent: Not Operator-dependent- the Pathfinder is the most accurate, easy to use, versatile and cost-effective system on the market.