IMSTAR sponsor of the 14th International Workshop on Radiation Damage to DNA (IWRDD), Melbourne, Australia, March 20-24th, 2016


Prof. Michael Fenech (Professor and Director of Genome Health and Personalised Nutrition Laboratory, CSIRO Adelaïde, Australia) presented a conference at the Biomarker Session, focused on the CBMN assay and state-of-the-Art in its automation, including illustration of IMSTAR’s Pathfinder capacities, notably for radiation biodosimetry purposes, of high content analysis, in which multiple biomarkers in the CBMN assay (MN, NPB etc.) are measured simultaneously with molecular markers such as γH2AX, centromeres activity, etc.)

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IMSTAR presence at Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) Science Research Center in Yokohama, Japan


Paris (France), March 07, 2014 – IMSTAR is pleased to announce the recent collaboration with Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) following the set-up of its Pathfinder™ Screentox Auto Micronucleus Image Cytometer System for in vitro/in vivo genetic toxicology studies at JT’s Research Center near Tokyo.

Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) will apply Pathfinder™ Screentox technology for automated scoring of micronucleus test in different cell types. The use of this capability will add value by enhancing test accuracy and reliability. In addition, the versatility of this system will lay the foundation for the potential development of a new technical framework in the field of genetic toxicology studies applied to the tobacco industry.

 “We are very happy about our new collaboration with Japan Tobacco Inc. It is our understanding that JT looked at several alternatives and chose IMSTAR for its long-standing, recognised expertise”, said Françoise Soussaline, IMSTAR’s President and CEO. “We have been at the forefront of the development of in vitro toxicology tests for years, not only in terms of their automation but also in terms of their scientific basis and standardization. Adding JT to our list of customers validates further is a further validation of our approach and our products”.


E-mage now includes a macro bench option


IMSTAR improved its E-mage product, enabling an extended use in a frozen section usage pattern. A distant controlled macro-bench is included. The distant pathologist can control the macro-bench high resolution camera and outline on the surgical removed specimen the areas of interest for the frozen section procedure, facilitating the technician decision.
IMSTAR is proud to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for TelePathology (distant frozen section procedure) in the operating room.