E-mage™, a product for Telepathology

E-mage™ is dedicated to extemporaneous cytopathology and is designed for a simple utilisation, integrated in routine task schemes. An expert is able to make a diagnosis whatever its location, simply opening the software when a diagnosis is needed. It offers many ways to fulfill users needs. It enables instant, distant, safe interpretation as well as to record virtual slides on which diagnosis has been made with traceability.

Our system is composed of different hardware and software components allowing a distant control of slide scanning and distant exploration of slides:

  • A macro bench with an high resolution optic enables to switch quickly from a global view of a sample to a zoom defined on an area of interest. This zone of interest is defined by a distant pathologist to guide a local technician
  • A motorised microscope station operated by a distant physician enables instant observation at any magnification of slides and can additionnaly generate high resolution virtual slides. A global overview of all captured field through a browser offers a ergonomic interface to detect, label and record zones of interest.
  • Storage of all the images-data in a database under a confidential coding format, compliant with hospital networks environments.
  • Compliant with solutions such as Web conferencing CISCO WebEx and Case Conferencing Orange.

One product, two setups


The simplest version of the E-mage™ application includes two programs (server running at the computer connected to the camera on the microscope and the client(s) running at the remote location(s)). The user at the remote location guides (by telephone or Skype) a (human) assistant at the microscope, who places the slides in the microscope stage, sets (changes on request) the illumination and magnification, moves the stage to bring into the view the fields of interest and performs the focusing. Both users can store the current viewfield in an image file.It thus provides an instant screen display at pathologist’s office of a slide observed by a remote microscope operated by a technician.

DM +

Using a motorised microscope can significantly extend the remote user’s autonomy: the user at the remote location can, via specific graphic user interface, change the objective position, focus and (on the appropriately equipped microscopes) magnification, illumination and type of observation.
The human assistant only places the slide(s) to be analysed on the microscope stage and oils them when necessary.

Features & Advantages

Instant exploration

Instant sharing for urgent situations. No hassles with scanning and waiting.

Ergonomic handling

Keyboard & Joystick to drive the microscope. Easy to use interface.

Save your work

Choose and export the viewfields of interest.

Fluid and comfortable workflow

High image refresh rate. E-mage is very responsitive.

Objective position feedback

A camera is included on the microscope stage to check the objective position on the slide.

Objects Measurments

Tools provided for measurments parameters such as length, area or surface on the captured objects

Compliance with Pathfinder™ modules

Any Pathfinder™ module can be adapted to a distant usage. Contact us for more details.

Slide loader

The workstation can process 4 to 200 slides fully unattended with a slide feeder device

Digital slide record & exploration

E-mage™ ergonomic exploration features enable to sort image fields within a slide in thumbnails for a quick browsing. It also enables a one-click zoom on areas of interest and to put text annotations.

e-mage, a product for extemporaneous telepathology

E-mage™, a product for extemporaneous telepathology