Why Pathfinder?

Imaging systems usually fall in one of the two categories:

  • Dedicated systems or general imaging toolboxes. These systems are highly specialised and very rigid and useless if user’s needs do not exactly match their narrow specification.
  • Adaptable systems based on a programming environment. It is of no interest to the laboratories which do not have specialists in both programming and imaging.

Pathfinder position relative to these two classes?

First, every IMSTAR product is a turn–key system which does not require any programming skills from the user to be fully exploited. Second, our acquisition / processing / analysis of individual images correspond to the modern imaging state–of–the art. Third, our advanced experience with various research problematics enables us to adapt our products to client’s samples and reagents. And finally, IMSTAR products include some important features seldom seen among image processing systems on the market.

Pathfinder™ is an image cytometer based system offering a full solution from samples capture to quantitative results. The whole system consists of a motorized microscope, a camera and optionally high throughput devices, all managed by a single software.

3 Pathfinder systems for 3 domains of application

Pathfinder advantages

The complete range of Pathfinder™ products provides IMSTAR customers with unyielding capabilities in cell  and tissue screening technology. Our High Throughput, High Content imaging solutions enable accurate, quantitative detection and analysis at an incredible speed.

Unlike other systems, the Pathfinder™ Image Cytometer can handle any type of sample or sample holder (regular multi-well slides, 96 to 384 well-plates, Petri dishes, multi-well slides…) as well as any type of preparation: fixed or live cell-based assays, tissues, micro-arrays, Tissue Micro Arrays…

Based on a patented IDB concept, Pathfinder™ applied or customized imaging platforms provide a way to keep the links between single cells and all its related parameters at all the stages of the analysis (i.e. image window, image mosaic, table of results, histograms, scatterplots). Those links are interactive, and the user can, at all stages of the analysis, select exactly the desired subset.

Patented DB-based integrated architecture

Universal, Modular, Open and Enabling extended functionality

Rich objects characterization

Our technology provides excellent multi-parametric cellular and sub cellular level of information. It has been validated by experts and enables automated or semi-automated object classification. It is able to measure more than 250 parameters per cell.

Distributed parallel processing

High scalability – virtually no analysis performance limits

Compatibility with regulated environments

User rights management and audit trial
Facility of the system performance evaluation and validation by an expert

Mature technology

Over the last 15 years, the Pathfinder™ technology has evolved due to the dynamic relationships existing between product development cycle and customer requirements. Designed by experts, it fulfills the high standards required at the top of Life Sciences advancements.

Unique marketing position

Highly configurable, flexible imaging platform
No programming skills required for deployment and use

Short time to market for the new applications

New application can be released in a few days. We are specialists in flexible technology that can be adapted to individual users and their specific needs. It is thus versatile.

Dedicated hardware for high-performance automated microscopy

Hardware components converting an ordinary microscope into a fully automated scanning system. See our page high-throughput devices to learn more. We Support all automated microscopes.

Cost effective system

Pathfinder™ Imaging Systems provide a strong basis for all your imaging capabilities. The modular nature of our software structure enables you to easily expand your fields of research without the need for extensive reinvestment. Moreover, thanks to our technology, our products are highly competitive financially.