This biocompatibility study is designed on a polymer micro array: slide template (a) and a view extension of a spot (b). All the images were given with the courtesy of Pernagallo S., School of Chemistry, Edinburgh. Biomedical Materials 2008, © IOP Publishing
Here is a view within a single spot. The nuclei are stained with Hoechst-33342 (blue channel DAPI) . It assesses the adhesion of cells on polyurethane by automatic scoring . The CellTracker CMFDA (green channel FITC) shows the viability (biocompatibility) and the F-actin probe Alexa568  (red channel RHOD) is used to compute a morphology value. The multicolor image is a combination of all the color planes.
A: L929 Cells in a spot. B: Nuclei displayed in grey levels. C: Nuclei detection using dedicated algorithm.
D: Nuclei gravity center detection. It enables a visual check of nuclei detection. Comparative analysis of cell number per polymer over time can be done to assess the cell affinity for the polymer.


The figure represents a visual table of results. Shape index and Surface are automatically computed to give a quantitative value of morphology, and sorted in tables to export the results or drawn multi-histograms or multi-scatterplots. Biomedical Materials 2008, © IOP Publishing