The Pathfinder system

The Pathfinder™ system is an image cytometer based system offering a full solution from samples capture to quantitative results. The whole system consists of a motorized microscope, a camera and optionally high throughput devices, all managed by a single software.

pathfinder machine

The MorphoScan system is dedicated to medical purposes. It enables screening and diagnosis but also biomonitoring and wellbeing assessment.

The analysis can be performed on various formats (tissue slice, TMA, cytospin, smears…) and techniques (FISH, M-FISH, CISH, ISH, IHC…).

All of our applied modules include Customized Software Protocols to analyze your assays with high specificity and sensitivity. It is based on our technologies, including Virtual Slide.

 FISH applied modules

  • A full compatibility with all commercial staining kits
  • A full thickness capture of the samples based on a Z-stacking process
  • Up to 6 fluorescent probes can be detected per assay


These applied modules are dedicated to whole chromosomes studies

Markindex modules

These advanced modules are built on our cells and tissue slices characterizations abilities. They identify differents regions or sub-regions of interest in the sample as a prior step to analyze its content. See also our Virtual slide module which enhances tissue exploration experience.


We propose automated biomonitoring modules, either in environment risk assessment or well-being purposes. See ScreenTox page.