This module enables the CGH bio-assay. It enables to know the copy number variations at the chromosomal and sub-chromosomal levels.

In Cancerology, CGH detects the abnormal DNA regions in tumor cells. DNA from a tumor test sample and a normal human reference sample might be labelled using different fluorophores and hybridized to thousands of probes printed on a glass slide. The ratio of the fluorescence intensity of the hybridization of tumor-normal DNA is calculated as a measure of the copy number changes for particular chromosomal loci. Software calculates the DNA loss, normal, and or probabilities for a given locus and generates a global measure of genetic instability by calculating the percent of genomic alteration (PGA) per tumor sample, for a given patient.

In infertility treatment, CGH improves in vitro fertilization with a pre-screening.

Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) has been proven to be an important tool in interphase cytogenetics of solid tumors.

Our range of applications provides true high-content solutions with multi-parameter proprietary algorithms combined in Customized Software Protocols (CSP) for dedicated tissue/cell type & studies, with high sensitivity and specificity in characterization at cellular and sub-cellular resolution. If our existing CSP modules don’t answer you needs, our advanced image algorithm experience enables us to develop a dedicated CSP.