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In clinical cytogenetics studies, this module enables to detect chromosomes aberrations, such as number (trisomy…) and build karyotypes. It enables automatic, instant and accurate classification of chromosomes with auto-learning (trainable) function.  It is based on a fast and highly specific metaphase finder.

The conventional analysis is done on Giemsa stained metaphases with R or G banding technique. The process becomes fully automatic if combined with fish probes and fluorescence equipment with adapted slide preparation (e.g. Cytocell probes).

A best selection of metaphases digital gallery can be smartly captured at high throughput (see table below) in a fully unattended way. A system equipped with a Slide feeder device, a barcode reader and an oil dispenser enables to detect and capture metaphases within 200 slides in a fully automatic process and enables an easy way for slide/patient automatic identification.

It has an smart interface for interactive chromosomes manipulation. Intuitive tools to separate touching and overlapping chromosomes are included. It includes pre-established document templates to export and print the data according to your needs.

Our range of applications provides true high-content solutions with multi-parameter proprietary algorithms combined in Customized Software Protocols (CSP) for dedicated karyotyping studies, with high sensitivity and specificity in characterization sub-cellular resolution. If our existing CSP modules don’t answer your needs, our advanced image algorithm experience enables us to develop a dedicated CSP in a short time.

A desired number of metaphases are automatically detected at 10X magnification and ranked following quality criteria (spread). The capture at 60X magnification is done on a desired number of metaphases. The analysis module automatically detects chromosomes.

The karyotyping function is very intuitive. Drag and drop chromosomes within the metaphase to the karyotype form.

Example of fluorescent kit to make karyotype. As there is one dye for each chromosome, the process is fully automatic.

Customised Software protocol for a special fluorescent karyotyping study: telomeric and chromosome FISH probes were used, and telomeric probes were automatically scored.

FISH on metaphase for Oncogenetics

FISH on metaphase for Oncogenetics

Multi FISH on Metaphase

Multi FISH on Metaphase

Slide feeder device
Slide number
4 50
Metaphase number to search and capture at 60x or 100x magnification per slide
Search and Capture time at 60x or 100x magnification
Interactive karyotyping duration
2 min
2 min

A Slide Feeder Device enables to process more than 100 slides per day, or to perform unattended capture overnight.