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This module is designed for biomonitoring of people exposed to hazardous environments (Xrays, Chemicals…) and industrial Genetic Toxicology. This module enables to assess the toxic effect of any compound on DNA, in accordance to OECD recommendation no. 473 concerning the testing of chemical products and in accordance with trial method B10 of EC Directive 2000/32/CE.

This module provides a smart interface to work on automatically captured metaphases in order to detect and score interactively chromosome aberrations. It is based on a fast and highly specific metaphase finder. It has easy functions to select and comment the abnormal chromosomes.

A comparison between human and semi-automated chromosome aberration scoring shows that the use of the Pathfinder™ system decreases the human time by a factor 2. A two hundreds best selected metaphases digital gallery can be smartly captured at high magnification in less than 3 hours (see table below) in a fully unattended way.

The conventional analysis is done on Giemsa stained metaphases. The process becomes fully automatic if combined with fish probes and fluorescence equipment with adapted slide preparation (e.g. Cytocell probes).

Our range of applications provides true high-content solutions with multi-parameter proprietary algorithms combined in Customized Software Protocols (CSP) for dedicated tissue/cell type & studies, with high sensitivity and specificity in characterization at cellular and sub-cellular resolution. If our existing CSP modules don’t answer your needs, our advanced image algorithm experience enables us to develop a dedicated CSP.

A desired number or metaphases are automatically detected at 10X magnification and ranked following quality criteria (spread).

A convenient user interface enables  a specialist to score the chromosomes and label the chromosome aberrations.

Schematic architecture of the automated scoring system with integrated DataBase and secured server for archiving.

Zone (cm²)
Metaphases to be found (units)
Metaphase finder duration per zone (min)
Smart Capture at high magnification duration / zone (min)
Total time (min)
1 200 3 70 73