The head and tail of comets are detected and scored in a fully unattended way. The detection is highly specific and sensitive. The Mosaic is a clickable digital gallery representing all the captured zones.

Tailor made tables enables you to review the detection results, draw multi histograms and scatterplots and export your data for further analysis.

Integrated tools enable display of parameter distributions on one or more samples
at the same time, on the same graphics, being multiple-histograms or
scatter-plots (Courtesy L’Oréal Recherche, Dr. J.R. Meunier).

Inter-samples comparison using integrated multi-histogram (Courtesy Universitetet of Oslo, Pr. A.Collins)

PathfinderTM product line is a highly time-saving solution compared
to conventional scoring since it increases comet assay scoring throughput
over 30x without requiring preliminary image capture nor any human intervention.