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This module is useful in human biomonitoring to assess the DNA consequences of hazardous environments exposure (Xrays…). This module is also useful in Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco and Agro-food industries to achieve Genetic Toxicology studies.

The micronucleus analysis module automatically detects and scores nuclei and micronuclei within cells. The contours of the cells are indeed detected before the micronuclei. The module enables the detection and scoring of metaphases and apoptosis cells as well by application of specific imaging algorithm on already automatically captured images. The capture can be operated in brightfield (Giemsa) or in fluorescence with all fluorescent dyes (Acrydine Orange, Celltracker™, Hoechst™, DAPI…).

The detection is precise enough to include or exclude brigdes and buds and to detect more than one nucleus or micronucleus per cell.

This module is GLP compliant and follows the OECD laboratory guidelines (test 487). It supports various cell lines (CHO, TK6, V79, L5178Y, CHL/IU…).

Results output:

  • number of cells
  • number of nuclei
  • number of micronuclei
  • proportion of cells with micronuclei
  • cytokenesis block proliferation index

Key Features:

  • Throughput : 12 slides/hour to 200-450 slides/day with the SFD (Slide Feeder Device) using the Batch Processing, allowing a minimum of 2500 cells to be detected and an overall gain of time from automated vs visual workflow for technician of over 15 folds.
  • Accuracy and specificity assessment (false negative MN rate<10%, false positive cell rate
    <1%) by comparative inter-scorer visual review validation and of repeatability by results
    assessment by comparative inter-capture/analysis.
  • Sensitivity superior to visual human inter-scorers average variability
  • For each cell type all nuclei and micronuclei characteristics with cell detection rate of ~75%.
  • Separation of touching cells, avoiding cuts through nuclei
  • Nuclei filtering options (shape, size, texture)
  • Size based threshold for micronuclei candidates detection
  • Application of size, shape and relative distribution filters to eliminate false positives and negatives (exclusive dialog for human scorer review)

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MN Scoring in binucleated and mononucleated cells in cytokinesis-blocked human lymphocytes : a predictive biomarker for cancer risk and a sensitive method for biomonitoring of early genetic effects. Click on the image to learn more.

MN scoring on mouse lymphoma cell line L5178Y, and comparison to visual method for pharmaceutical industry. Click on the image to learn more.


MN detections on human lymphoblastoïd cell line TK6 for pharmaceutical industry. Click to enlarge the image.

MN scoring in Cytokinesis blocked chinese hamster ovary cells stained with acrydine orange for tobacco industry. Click on the image to enlarge.

MN scoring in chinese hamster ovary cells stained with acrydine orange for tobacco industry. Click on the image to enlarge.