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Pathfinder™ Domains of Applications

In Cyto-Pathology and innovative Biology tests, critical needs are to reduce intensive labor time of technician and faster access to key quantitative information, more specifically for new markers’ validation of performance and their standardization.

In cellular tests for assessment of genetic instability and DNA damage at large scale, and for population’s biomonitoring, the volume of images and data necessitates powerful tools and methods for appropriate and fast -automated- markers’ parameters characterization and quantification through digital analysis.

Moreover, these tools accelerate discovery processes and may lower the cost of new therapies (CGT).

IMSTAR offers a range of integrated Solutions based on automation of slides scanning and operator-independent analysis for reliable, easy-to-use, short time-to-results, cost-effective in vitro/ex vivo tests thanks to Quantitative Cell Analysis & Customized Data Analytics answering to above challenges in two domains of applications:

  • Precision Medicine in oncology: Multiplex, accurate cell characterization (morphotype, phenotype) for  earlier diagnosis, prognostic and personalized treatment management.

  • Predictive Health: Prediction and/or stratification biomarkers (PoC) for DNA damage/repair, Genome Instability & Geno-Toxicity already on the market in health management for aging or at risk populations.

Pathfinder™ fully automated workstations are intended for use as a tool for the Cyto-pathologist in the detection, classification and counting of cells of interest. All Pathfinder™ cytology and histology applied software modules are used as an assistance in test interpretation. All other applications are for research* use only.

Pathfinder™ Products


Automated biomarkers assessment for Precision Medicine based on quantitative Cytology and Pathology testing

Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) research is, nowadays, more clinically-oriented and considers their accurate detection and quantification as a powerful biomarker in solid cancers treatment management.

To answer to the need for automated, high-throughput instrument and specific algorithms for the reliable and rapid detection and characterization of CTCs from a peripheral blood sample -a very tedious process- IMSTAR Pathfinder system offers a range of solutions with high sensitivity and specificity for CTCs numbering & characterization, matching the variety of initial enrichment and recognition techniques of the tumor material (proteins, DNA mutations, amplifications, RNA) by cells membrane automated detection, as well as FISH signals counting, then quantitative analysis.

For assisted digital, remote Cyto-Pathology, we propose a range of customized software modules for automated, fast quantitative scanning and analysis of liquid biopsies, cell cultures, smears, tissue sections or TMA. In particular, our proprietary hyper focus processing allows digital images in perfect focus for each and ALL cells (from 1,000s to 100,000s).



Automated genetic instability studies in Oncology or Environmental Toxicology, and DNA damage evaluation in genetic toxicology and Genome Health follow-up

Drastic gain in accuracy and expert/technician time using high-content automated ScreenTox platform that can be used for large scale analysis of 5 major in vitro/in vivo assays such as Comet, Micro Nucleus, H2AX, CAS and SCE.

This allows DNA damage assessment tests for large scale monitoring of aging population or detection of pre-cancer stage, as well as tissue repair capacity for patients under chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Automated Software modules for Comet assay, Micro Nucleus test, CAS, H2AX phosphorylation or SCE slides’ scanning and analysis may be performed on the same Pathfinder™ system.



Automated molecular cytogenetics to address the needs for high-throughput quantitative studies.

Comprehensive solutions include fast and highly specific metaphase finder, very high resolution image capture, comprehensive report and large scale cross-studies.

Automated Karyotyping imaging and analysis integrating users’ requirements and interface features for optimized tools for assisted interpretation.

All operations in one batch for up to 160 slides. 3D detection of abnormalities, rearrangements, fusion, deletion, on metaphase and interphase cells (G-Band, FISH, M-FISH).