Due to its long expertise in cells and tissue characterization, IMSTAR is able to offer its quantification services on your samples. IMSTAR provides a range of consultancy and outsourcing services:

  • Quantitative imaging center for research studies and creation of customized detection algorithms
  • Technical assistance in the discovery process, from the conceptual phase to the final release and interpretation of quantitative imaging data
  • High throughput screening facilities in the fields of toxicology (Comet assays, Micronuclei)
  • On request high throughput cellular analysis screening in blind-studies for quantitation of cell biomarkers, tissue micro array and cell array

IMSTAR Service draws on its in-house expertise in biomodelling and statistics, cell biology and bioinformatics as wells on a network of experts in the fields of biology, cell biology, pathology, oncology, neurosciences, dermatopathology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and molecular medicine.

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