Main characteristics

Our systems are based on motorised microscopes such as Zeiss or Olympus. Our systems also include filter changers and retrofitted autofocus. This system can also be based on one of your own microscopes, since we can motorise microscopes ourselves.

For a 24/24 use of our system, we offer the following devices.

Slide Feeder Device

The Slide Feeder Device is designed to complete a Pathfinder system and allow the automated processing of a large quantity of cell-based assays in a fully unattended way.

Various cell-based assays are supported. The Slide Feeder Device has a maximum capacity of 200 slides.

Barcode Reader

This option enables your workstation to read a barcode on your assays (e.g. slides, well plates…) to index them automatically when they are captured. This option avoids to waste time in sample identification, especially when preparing a 200 slides load in the slide feeder device.

Oil Dispenser

Oil drips can be automatically put on slides requiring observation with high magnification objectives. This option is necessary for a full automatic workstation with high magnification slide exploration.