For over 15 years, we worked on the issues of cell characterization in biology. We have developped a whole set of recognition algorithms directly applied in all of our Pathfinderâ„¢ products. Our accurate quantifications are based on these algorithms, and we make sure they fit to each of our clients. Here is some of our Pathfinderâ„¢ abilities :

Segmentation (detection)

  • Cells
  • Sub-cellular compartments and networks (nuclei, mitochondria, actin…)
  • Regions of interest (tissue slice zones…)
  • Metaphases and chromosomes
  • 2 levels of segmentation (i.e. an object inside another object)

Identification and Counting

  • Spots (Protein or DNA stained) and cell counting
  • number assignment on all detected objects
  • any number of different labels assigned to each object


  • Surface
  • Perimeter
  • Gravity center
  • Shape index
  • Texture
  • Color or fluorescence intensity
  • Optical density

Inter and Intra object relationships

  • Distances
  • Organization
  • Position in a cluster
  • Interaction


Our long experience in recognition algorithm enables us to develop Custom Software Protocols in a short time. Contact us for any request.