The virtual slide technology enables your system to create and browse libraries of digitalized slides. It also makes you benefit from a remote storage system through internet. The virtual slide technology offers a handy way to browse high quality images, and work at different zooms. This technology has been designed to provide a comfortable workflow, avoiding repeated loading times when working on large sized images. This add-on module to the Pathfinder™ system provides an added-value to tissue slices exploration, and enables to load at once any part of a slice captured at high resolution. It’s like having the possibility to perform an unlimited zoom on a map from afar with an excellent reactivity from the computer.


Slide digitalisation

Keep digital records of your slides for case indexing or pedagogic purposes

High resolution

Browse your slides at any optical or numerical magnification
Explore your slides beyond the optical zoom

Fast browsing

Browse your digital slides at high speed from low to high magnification thanks to our pyramid image processing technology

Position labeling

Label your areas of interest on your slides to retrieve and share them later

Cloud storage

Benefit from the remote storage of your virtual slide database

Remote control

Launch a capture process from a remote location

No hardware overcrowding

Avoid obstruction of available space with a small but powerful system

Multi-slide capacity

Select your slide zones

Work on pre-determined zones on your slides
Adapt the zone of interest to specific needs
Save your zone acquisition templates
Define zones of any dimensions

Barcode reader

Barcode your slides for automatic indexing
Manual indexing also available

Full thickness capture

Capture neat images of all your sample in all its thickness thanks to the z stacking process

Slide thumbnails

Look a whole batch of captured slides at a glance and click on your slide of interest

Morphometric measurements

Measure distances, surfaces, sizes, ratios… (see a list of our expertise here)